BLINK LASER eyelashes

World's 1st laser-processed Mink-lash (1.5 times longer lasting than existing false lashes!) 

Blink Laser Lash is a mink-lash with vertical and horizontal micro-groove on adhered surface by laser-processing technology. 



4,50€tax incl.

Laser-processed micro-groove widens adhered surface and holds glue evenly without clustering for 1.5 times longer lasting effect. 
Laser-processing technology enables the lash to be more luster and softer.
With easy to remove strips, these can be laid on your hand for easy access when applying eyelash extension.  All Blink Signature Mink Trays come in 12 strips with each containing 100+ lashes (approx 1200+ lashes per Tray).



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