Glue GLAM, 5ml

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Blink Glam adhesive is an advanced adhesive perfect fot volume lash aplication. This adhesive was formulated specifically with the volume lash technique in mind. Its smooth viscosity and quick, yet flexible dry time work particulary well with the „locking“ and „wrapping“ techniques. These techniques make a significant improvemen in lash retension.


This glue is NOT for self applications, it must be used by a licensed professional only.

Quick Setting Tech Level: Advanced

Color: Black

Setting Time: 1+ Second

Estimated Durability:  6-8 weeks

Fumes/Irritabilities:  Mild

Consistency: Liquid/Watery/Thin

Shelf Life (Opened): 1 Month (Store In Cool/Dry Area) 

Shelf Life (Unopened): 3 Months (Store In Cool/Dry Area) 

Recommended huminity: 45-60%

Recommendet temperature: 18-22 C

Formaldehyde Free.


How to store and use properly the Eyelash Extensions glue: 

Keep your glue in a dark cool place away from high temperatures and sunlight. 

Always make sure the glue lid is closed tightly.

Keep the glue in original packaging, make sure to seal the zipper tightly and remove air before closing the package also don’t forget to keep the silica gel inside together with the bottle. (*silica gel remove the humidity from the package).

Write down the date of purchase and opening of your glue.

Always make sure you are shaking your adhesive for at least 60-90 seconds before use. This allows all of the ingredients to mix well and give the best bond possible.


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